About Me


Readings and Services

Email and Phone readings completely customized to your needs. Date of birth, city, and time (as close to exact as you can manage) are needed.  

For more information go to www.Kelly-McClain.com or www.12Listen.com


About Me

I've been guiding people with various modalities for over a decade. Learn more about me over at kelly-mcclain.com

I do personal astrology charts, tarot, intuitive readings, energy work and more. 


What To Expect

I'm honest and straightforward but never brutal. I believe in truth above all, but if I have to delivery less than awesome news,  I will always give you a tool to cope, a positive twist, or something else you can look forward to. I believe services of this type should leave you feeling BETTER, not worse. So if you've had negative experiences elsewhere, please contact me and let's change that!