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I ordered the Bloody 18 and waited, and waited. She warned me these only happen during a certain time-frame during the month. This may have been the first time someone's said, "I'm late" that didn't scare me to death.   She finally does the reading, I got it live and on camera during one of her trancework sessions. That was the weirdest, most amazing thing I've ever experienced. She wasn't just reading, she was feeding me and I left that reading feeling punch drunk and surreal. The way she reads the Baphomet deck is easily the most unique and crazy things I've ever seen and it's scary how deep she goes with it. I felt like she'd pulled something out of me, broke it, put it back together and made all of my demons beautiful. She asked me not to go into detail, but if you can get a spot for one of these intense readings, do it. Amy     Victoria's note: Amy was a special case and I almost never do the Baphomet readings on camera. You can, however, book one in person if you are local and if I have the opportunity to do so.