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This is our social media referral list. No large, corporate jerks here. Only the most awesome people we know. Want on the list? Well, try not to suck.

Astrologic Answers
A smaller astrology company that both Jen and Victoria contribute to

Jen Devillier

Victoria Reinertsdatter

Astrologer Courtney Witt

418 Ascendant Esoteric Astrology: Bill Duvendack

Oh My Stars! With Matthew Currie

Damon Hellandbrand: this would be one of the original artists of the zodiac graphics a lot of the big pages can’t stop using without credit:

Heathen Talk Network: want a REAL look at Heathenry and an awesome radio show to listen to?

Michelle Young Astrology:

Truly Teach Me Tarot: An excellent resource for those just starting out in tarot, offering a lot of excellent free content and paid courses

The Nephilim Rising
An awesome left hand path page also offering wearable magick items

Lisa Boswell
Tarot centered, smart ass- and all around truly awesome person

The Tax Domme
Awesome financial services, with…well, an obvious twist. Understands the ins and outs for non-mainstream professionals