Gilded Tarot and Easy Tarot: Marchetti & Ellershaw

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Bare with me as I am working on a small catalog of posts outlining the decks I most frequently use. If you missed yesterday’s post, I talked about Le Tarot Noir. Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about the Botticelli Tarot.

This is the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. I actually got this as a part of the Easy Tarot: Learn To Read The Cards Once and For All and, since I know that’s why many would read this, I will go into that as well. If you’re looking for a decent basic primer to get you started learning tarot, you can purchase it here, via my affiliate link:

Yes, I do get a kickback if you purchase this via the button above and that helps offset site costs and otherwise. (Or, it’s supposed to. I just started doing this.)

This is a Rider Waite based deck and the images are really fantastic. Brightly colored and driven by mythic images, this deck is almost like a fairy tale in your hands. I really enjoy it when I am looking to create pretty Card of the Day readings or other posts involving photos of the cards as the design and color are incredibly appealing. Whenever I’ve used these for that purpose, they definitely catch the eye.

For personal use, I love this deck when I’m looking to offset some of my darker readings- and what’s interesting to me is that though it’s more whimsical, it’s also got an edge to it. The artwork is a nice balance. It’s sort of a blend of the more traditional and given a bit of a twist- but this is something Marchetti’s famous for: I also have his Gilded Reverie Lenormand. 😉

One thing I have seen mentioned about Marchetti’s work and have experienced myself is that these cards actually almost seem to have hidden meanings- they have symbolism tucked into them that would enable you to take away further meaning or expand upon the existing card interpretation. For instance, if you pay attention to the animal symbolism contained within many of the cards, you’ll find expanded interpretations can be made in that, as well. He’s mentioned a number of times that this is in fact, deliberate. This makes the deck a bit different- here, check this out, for example:

And this one:

And this one:


Think a bit on the questions that each animal begs and, it helps you to further expand upon the card, which is a really brilliant difference to standard Rider Waite decks. They appear throughout the cards here and there, in a way that just seems to pop up in the most appropriate ways as you read. It’s very cool.

I think that many people get up in their feels about “novelty” decks or the many clones on the Rider Waite but, Marchetti adds quite a few finer details that make this an easy stand out and hardly a clone. The great thing about this being used in a learner set is that it’s still traditional enough that learning the symbolism is fairly easy as it still holds true- while at the same time adding in those little touches that make it unique.

Of course, this is a Llewellyn deck, so it bears some similarity to others in terms of the brass tacks delivery: open top box, deck and Little White Book inside. The cardstock is excellent and sturdy- 2 ¾” by 4 ½” and they shuffle easily. The backing is black with a gold frame and jewel tone inlay- there is an ornate style design however, it’s done in such a way that you would not know if you’d drawn a card reversed or not until you flipped it.

When you get into the Easy Tarot- it’s a little different as it comes with a bigger box, bigger book and the bigger book is where I think you find considerable value in this, especially if you’re learning.

Josephine Ellershaw breaks things down VERY nicely and offers a number of different methods that you can use if you’re just starting out. Actually, given the wealth of her experience, I also noticed a few tips and tricks I myself hadn’t considered- and still use to this day. If you want to learn tarot on your own- but you find yourself getting a bit intimidated: this is an excellent resource at a very reasonable price and I highly recommend it.

Le Tarot Noir by Hackier & Ternel

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The minute I saw Le Tarot Noir, I knew I had to have this deck.

A beautifully dark and quirky 78 card Marseilles style deck with artwork by Matthieu Hackier it definitely makes a statement. It arrived in a sturdy cardboard, top lift box with a paperback guidebook in French. Though some have had issues with the book coming apart, mine is of fairly steady construction.

The details on the cards just tickle me. The artwork is a bit more intricate than is usual in a Marseilles deck and veers a little morbid, but I adore it. The colors are subdued but rich, the design work flows and though the pips are in typical Marseilles fashion, they still have quite a lot of detail.

If you’re unfamiliar, Marseilles decks have what is known as “unillustrated pips”, which simply means the Minor Arcana are not as detailed- usually. The artwork in this deck is so sophisticated, contemporary while at the same time traditionally, you’d be hard pressed to call this “unillustrated”. 

The edges of the 4” by 5.5” (10.5 cm wide, 14 cm tall) cards are gilded and the backings are black. They also have a lovely inset border- also gold. Centered on the back is another oval shaped border enclosing a golden flower design. The card stock is nice and sturdy, and has held up rather well to my abuse. (I’m a fairly vigorous shuffler!) The backgrounds of each card is a light off white, cream color and again, have a gilded border.

The Majors are titled in French, black lettering against the cream background on the bottom. Court cards have both title and suit in French, again, in black letters. Each pip, as I mentioned, is Marseilles style- so, suit icons only but they are designed in such a way that they speak with delightful small details. They do not have pip titles however, the number is on the left and right hand side of the card.

I have found that this deck works wonderfully in tandem with my Baphomet deck or as a stand alone. I love this for working with clients that are seeking guidance with shadow work or just for general readings. It is also excellent in my Darkness and Light spreads, particularly when used with the Botticelli Tarot Deck for the “Light” mirror.

Though in the past I have avoided monetization, I am now offering links to where you can purchase the decks I use or write about via Amazon’s affiliate program. This means that if you make a purchase via a link on my site, I get a little kick back to help offset the costs of maintaining our site- which is awesome. I appreciate all your support and hope you’ve enjoyed this look at one of the decks I use.

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Tarot and Astrology: A Basic Method For Combined Readings

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For those who aren’t familiar with me: I use Western Astrology. The deck used here is The Golden Botticelli by Lo Scarabo. I do not host ads or utilize affiliate links, the links here all go to resource sites you can use but I’m not affiliated with. 

If you’d like to learn more about me, you can pop on over to my biography.  Link will open in a new tab, try not to get startled.

I have seen this come up a number of times and so, I thought I would take a minute to sit and write this out. Okay, it was a lot of minutes.  This is a bit of a sneak peek for a free, comprehensive guidebook I will be releasing on August 1st, so, please be on the lookout for that.

What to do with this:

You can further deepen your tarot readings by looking at the corresponding planet or planets in your own chart. You can either look at where that planet is in your natal chart- or you can look at the transits- or both, or I have even done this to look at planetary placements in my solar return to discern maybe if there’s something I’m not paying enough attention to. It’s up to you. Either way, this is one useful method of using basic astrology to deepen your tarot readings. As you’ll see, depending on where a planet is placed: the tone and advice may change.

For instance: say that my daily reading or weekly readings have seemed to always involve The High Priestess, and my partner Kurt’s has, as well. The High Priestess here, corresponds to the Moon.

I am going to simply outline the technique using natal planetary placements for this- If you need your natal chart and you don’t have an astrology program- you can either go to www.astro.com and create your own report using their AstroClick Portrait or, well, of course, you can order one from me or another astrologer you like.

Moving on to the planetary placement and what that can mean in terms of different interpretations-

If we look at Kurt’s natal chart, you can see that his Moon is in Scorpio, and it’s in the 8th house.

Now, you’d take note of this and go on to explore what those things mean in your particular case. I won’t go into these things too deeply as they’re just examples to show you what I mean- but you should be able to get the idea.

Moving on to my chart- this is what I want to use to illustrate: now, though we’re both drawing the High Priestess regularly- think about his natal moon and now, look at mine: you can see my natal Moon is in Leo, 10th house.

That’s probably going to carry a VERY different message than his, right? Scorpio and Leo, of course, aren’t all that similar- but, also, with his natal Moon in the 8th: he would be focusing on the hidden things, sex, relationships and possibly inheritances or shared resources, possibly even ritualistic things or some sort of transformation.

Mine being in the 10th, mine might involve my father, though I tend to think that it actually depicts the more influential parent. However, it also encompasses my social status, role in my community or any authority I may possess or encounter.

Of course, there’s a bit more to all of that, but for brevity’s sake, we’ll leave it there.

Let’s take a look at a bit more complex example by moving on to the 7 of Cups.


So, at this point- what we have is two people, same repeated card, but two very different possible expansions and messages contained within the reading. Now, if you take a look- another example, let’s go with a Minor Arcana example: every day, we’re both drawing the 7 of Cups. This card corresponds to …not just a planet. But, more specifically, Venus in Scorpio. How does THAT work? Neither of us have Venus in Scorpio. (Venus in Gemini and Venus in Sag, if you can see that- funtimes, sure, sure. Lol)

Here is where we get into the method I work with- whenever I get one of those repeat cards that carries something like this- a transit, for instance: I will look at both the upcoming transit and the one before it. I will also often take into account what that transit’s impact is in a general sense.

So, Venus in Scorpio- look at the ephemeris and Venus’s next trip into Scorpio will be on November 7th, later this year. The last time it was in Scorpio was September 23 of last year.

Venus in Scorpio, in a general sense denotes a time frame when we might be just a bit prone towards falling for some mighty pretty bullshit. Oh, sure, it looks wonderful but it’s often similar to when you’re a kid and you find your first big ass bar of baking chocolate. HUGE BIG CHOCOLATE BAR?! Yes, please! You think and then you take a bite. Oh god, it’s BITTER!

(And if the ephemeris makes your eyeballs cross- and I know it does for a lot of people: cafeastrology.com has an excellent planetary overview and a plethora of resources for you.)

You can either take a look at the prior transit- that is, the one from 2016 and figure out what lesson you maybe should have learned but did not, or you can look ahead to the next and explore from there to determine what exactly the heads’ up the card is trying to give you may be.

Of you can simply go with what the transit means: not everything is as it appears, if it looks too good to be true, it may well be. (In a nutshell.)

Now, being we are a couple, I’d take that into account regardless of which one of these examples we’re going with- because, obviously, we’re close and impact one another. However, if it’s just him getting the repeat card or me: then, it’s different, obviously.

Isn’t he a dapper little fellow?


So, let’s move on to the next card, say you’ve been drawing The Devil.

Now, if you want to just go with natal, you would look at Capricorn, and figure out what’s hanging out there. If you want, you can scroll back to the example charts: my Sun, Mars, and Mercury are all in Capricorn, and all in the 3rd house. The house thing may or may not apply, but, you’re going to specifically look at what you’ve got kicking around in Capricorn.

Let’s imagine for just a second that my chart has NO Capricorn– nothing in Capricorn at all.

You are decidedly going to have to use your imagination on this one- as yeah, uh, there’s definitely Capricorn influence here.


Does this mean Capricorn has no influence in my chart at all?

Yeah, no.

Same holds true for empty houses, but this is another rant. The influences you see from empty houses or otherwise- may be more subtle. The first thing I do when I note there are no planets in a sign- I look at the other signs in that element. So, say I didn’t have anything in Capricorn, I’d look at the other Earth signs: Taurus and Virgo. We’ll pretend that I notice that there’s a distinct lack of planetary placement within those earth signs on the whole. Maybe one thing here or there- but it’s clear, Earth is not dominant.

But I drew the Devil- so, what does the Devil usually speak of, in a basic sense? Control issues. I might need to learn to take control in a better way- it may also mean that I do so to the extreme: perhaps I have such crazy standards for perfectionism that my ideals cannot come to fruition and are not realistic. OR…

Wait- I look and I note that freaking Virgo is placed right smack on my Ascendant or another important angle of my chart. That would negate the lack of Earth in my chart and indicate that perhaps the Devil is telling me that I’m being too nitpicky and need to unpucker my butt a bit.

So, anyway- you can see, these things go a bit above and beyond simply “The Magician ties to Mercury” and all that: but what do you do with this? Here is my method for tying astrology into my tarot readings, and it’s one I use with clients all the time with a lot of success. Of course, others will have other methods- and that’s awesome. If you find some, feel free to use those, if they work better for you.


The Method

I either identify a repeating card or, simply draw one for this purpose.
Pull up the chart you’re working with.
Note the astrological association of the tarot card.
Find it within the chart.
Analyze where this may be applicable to you and why.
Propose possible solutions based on that information or explore further with another card.

Go ahead and give it a shot- see what you discover.

Card of the Day: 3 of Swords

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Three of Swords is one that is not typically a good feeling card. It always represents an ending in some way. In almost every deck it shows three swords going through the heart. In some situations it means an ending to a relationship. There are also occasions depending on the circumstances can mean that there is a third party causing the ending. If it’s not a person then it’s a situation that is drawing two people apart which can either be lovers or even friendships and family. So it really depends on the individual what it may be.  This ending is painful and sorrow filled.  This is typically the harsh reality that this card provides.

On the lighter end of the card, though still painful, this card can also mean a situation comes to an end that perhaps was very good in the past. Whatever you have been living with that you thought was going right, this card indicates an ending. Even more, perhaps there is a situation in which you already knew was causing you pain or issues and now it’s come to a header. Either way this card is telling you it’s done. It’s time to lick your wounds and work on healing. This ending will lead you to a fresh beginning but first you have to accept the fact that it’s done so you can figure out how you can overcome it.

When you ask a “Yes” or “No” type of question, the 3 of Swords is definitely a “No!” The Astrological sign associated with this card is Libra. As such, you may see the timing being the first couple of weeks in October. However, the 3 can also mean the month of March, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, or perhaps even 3 years. The timing relies on all the other factors in the situation and also whatever is going on in your life. Remember, the ending is painful but once you get through it, you have a new beginning waiting on the other side so do whatever you can to work on healing and easing your pain. It won’t last forever.

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Card of the Day: 5 of Swords

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The Five of Swords will typically show a few people and some are holding swords and some on a card behind. It’s displayed differently in each deck however; the meaning is mainly the same. This card typically represents the conflict that you may be dealing with whether it’s internal or literal. It could be that not everyone agrees or it could be you tossing around different ideas that are at conflict with each other causing you to have a hard time knowing what to do about it. This card can also indicate a sense of defeat after having already gone through some sort of battle or conflict. Your pride or ego may be wounded by whatever it is that happened.

This card can also mean you have the upper hand but aren’t at all certain you got it by noble means. In that way you are defeated either way. Karma is never a nice thing to experience if you’ve won via manipulative ways. If you are mentally at conflict, you really need to dig deep and listen to what your inner voice tells you so that you don’t end up in defeat. This card also warns you that if you are involved in conflict, now may be the time to take a step back and not get caught up in a battle that is unnecessary for you. If you are in fact defeated, do what you have to do with dignity and grace. Accept that you have lost and be ready to move forward. Success will come your way if you handle things well.

Astrologically speaking this card is associated with Aquarius. This being the case a time frame of what this card could bring to the table if it’s ahead of time would be anytime in January. Since this card is the number 5, it could be the month of May, the 5th of any month, 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months, or even 5 years depending on what is going on in your situation.  Just keep in mind, this card says defeat but you should carry your head held high and knowing next time you may just succeed!

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