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On Positivism, New Age Gaslighting, Retrogrades and Realism-

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You guys…let’s have a serious discussion about what planetary retrograde cycles REALLY mean. Couple warnings: first, I am probably going to say “shit” a lot. Okay, not probably, I am. Second, this is going to be kinda long. Third- someone asked if I could talk about these retrogrades without muddying it up with a bunch of “astro speak” and you know what? I’m gonna give it a whirl, but I will have to explain a little: you wanna know how to deal with all the retrogrades in motion and the ones that are coming up? Well, here we go. Before we begin do understand again: while this is “in a general sense”, you take a look at your own transits and you’ll get a much more direct picture of everything. If you ARE familiar- read between my lines, baby. Read between ’em. 😉 It’s intentional, all of it.

And as I do this, I am going to cite some examples both in the positive and in the negative, here. Because, first off- the panic shit, the excuses shit, it IS shit. (And boy howdy, you’d think a fucking Saturn influence would have people sort of shying away from that kinda thing- but, oh, it don’t be like that, do it?) But also, the pretense of “Everything is sunshine and giggles, let’s use these retrogrades to MANIFEEEEEST and fart golden rainbows”- is also shit. Because the way we look at manifestation, across the board in the new age community- is, well, by and large, shit.

The idea that it all is gonna dump on you on a certain day- also, shit. CYCLES. Full charts. Loads more stuff going on- both in general and as it applies to your own personal chart. The idea that some of these things are rare- marketing shit. Seriously, big time marketing shit and I understand fully well falling for it hook, line and sinker: I did so myself one year and Mr. Duvendack there was like “Uh, no, no…listen.” it happens to all of us, so don’t feel bad if some marketing asshole has you feeling like shit is ate up and the apocalypse is NIGH but if you JUST BUY THEIR CRAP, you can start crapping golden bricks and meet your soulmate. They get paid to make you feel insecure so you will buy more crap. That’s their job and most of them have a whooooole lotta training to do it.

Should you feel insecure?



Because you have some shit you need to deal with and change. You need to review that, and do a bit of course correcting. Is that a panic button, holy shit ya’ll hire me NOW! Statement?

Abso-freaking-lutely not. Wanna hear some SERIOUSLY Saturn shit?

I am a luxury item. Granted, I am like the best contouring kit on the market, I am like that gel eyeliner that just flips the wings out perfectly- but a luxury item nonetheless. Any tarot reader, psychic, astrologer or otherwise: IS.
(Alright maybe my Venus was peeking out there a bit, too. What?)

You are also a luxury item to most and a need to others- and it might be time you acted like it, and we’ll get to that in a minute. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living- you’re probably somebody’s luxury. You should price yourself that way.

What have we got going on, retrograde wise?

Well, Venus and Jupiter have been doing the retrograde thing respectively since freaking JANUARY and NOVEMBER OF FREAKING 2016.

“Buh whu?” Cycles. And they do this a lot- every freaking year, in fact. Jupiter takes about 12 years to do his journey ‘round the Sun and Venus takes 225 days- BUT, Jupiter stations retrograde and goes through that cycle every year and Venus does it just about every year- give a few months, because instead of around every 12 months, she dosey does into backwards motion every 18 months. Venus stations direct on April 15th but you won’t fully be out of the woods until May 18th. If you were in the woods at all, in the first place. Jupiter, well, that one stations direct June 9th and fully completes the cycle on September 6th. Mercury does it 3-4 times a freaking year, because Mercury is FAST. Saturn every year. Uranus every year. I could go on- but, notice anything?

Patterns, man, it’s patterns. Cycles- and as they have cycles, you do, too.

How do you know what it is you’re gonna get whanged with, exactly, in advance? Find out where that planet’s transiting in your chart. You can go deeper if you know how, but, figure out where it’s at, you get a general idea of what you need to do.

I am not going to go into my full story here, but: the past few years, starting with my entire life going all to shit and back for what seemed like the millionth time- I was like “Alright, I have had enough of this bullshit!” and, I started paying attention. I started addressing what needed addressing- and, a lot of people will make it seem like this is an easy thing: I am NOT ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. A lot of it sucks. Planetary retrogrades are sort of..well, they’re reminders of where things suck and what happens, as you work on that- and this, I can tell you from experience: every cycle, these things suck less. And less.

Do they enable you to manifest your dreams into reality? NOPE. You do.

I am so far from where I want to be- but at the same time, I can say that I went from nearly homeless to this really freaking strange, and I mean, like “WHOAH” level of “charmed existence” type stuff wherein, I started to notice something: I have cycles of that very thing. Cycles where..things go totally fucked up, and I tap into some things that I have a hard time believing- and suddenly I get this opportunity to explore it further. This last time it happened- and I am not bullshitting you: the landlord I had at the time decided not to pay his mortgage, the bank lost the paperwork- and well, we lived rent free for about a year. It didn’t stop there: for some reason or another and this was actually scary as hell, we dropped off of almost other bill, yet…the utilities were still running. When we called about the electric, she said she didn’t understand it, there must have been a mistake somewhere- what looked like a terrifyingly high bill that there was NO way I could pay wasn’t and we went on to pay what they said we owed from there. I was doing some things. I can’t explain what happened, so, I don’t: but, things like this had happened to me in the past- only to return to Shit Land and I was like, “Okay, no, no, THIS TIME, I am going to keep at it. THIS TIME I am going to address my shit and figure things out.” So, I started to, and, lo, opportunity for a stable home to rent- which, as it turns out is pretty much everything I wanted in a home, at a price I could afford popped up. Suddenly- or at least, it really SEEMED sudden but then, upon reflection, it was not: changes I didn’t really expect because I had dropped the expectation, dropped trying to control another: started to happen. Things started coming around in ways that I used to worry over incessantly- but had instead, diverted my attention inward and towards changing ME, and it has been…like, weepy inducing awesome. Still, that isn’t to say there has been no pain, no challenges or delays- there have been. But, because I have taken more time to turn my attention to the one thing I can control- which is me- I was…a hell of a lot better capable of handling it.

Am I saying you’ll be able to have this kind of thing happen to you? Yeah, no. I can’t explain any of it, I have never been able to explain it in the past when things like it have happened and I ignored the damn gentle, nice nudge the universe or whatever was giving me- but, this time, I was like “WAIT WAIT, first off, holy shit, GRATEFUL.” and I acted on that gratitude. My personal belief system offers ways of doing that, I am sure whatever yours is does, too. Agnostics can do it just by feeling more grateful for the good things, Atheists are also quite capable of gratitude, in spite what some people may think and they don’t have to thank gods or the universe: hell, you’d be amazed at what gratitude towards your fellow person will do. Or maybe you won’t- but it does.

Point being- it ain’t necessarily a spiritual thing. For some of us, it is. Some, it isn’t. That’s fine. Impact is…well, more or less the same. Spend all your time moping and grousing about the shit you do not have- you won’t see the good you do. This is where it begins. No matter what planetary retrograde motion- if you aren’t RE-flecting on the good, boy howdy it’s real easy to see all the bad.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU IGNORE THE BAD. In the world or otherwise- if you think for a minute that you’re supposed to clap those hands over your ears and eyes and pretend negative shit does not happen: good luck with that, we call you job security in this business.

It is about balance- and, my personal belief system, again: involves what I believe, I DO. As in, if I have a conviction, I act on it. Live right. I’d have those cycles of good and in the past and it wasn’t until one of them hit back in about 2008 that I started to use them. Without going into every single astrological thing I worked with: the first one, man that was some hell ride inner work. But, I do not EVER for a minute discount the privilege I had…just out of nowhere. When I say out of nowhere- who in the hell gets the opportunity to live on an 80 some odd acre compound in the middle of the woods, rent free? Was it entirely comfortable- no. It was just the right blend of absolutely amazing and “My god, fucking heck.” to do the trick, though. Perfect place for me to address some longstanding inner bullshit that was quite honestly, killing me and had landed me in the nuthouse with the possibility of remaining there. It was a very real possibility and one that people dislike when I talk about it. Makes them uncomfortable. BUT MAH CREDIBILITY- TH’ CRAAAAZIES JUST THINK THEY GOT GIFTS…shoo shoo!

Well, fuck you, too, dishonest narrow minded cowards- because I decided I’d talk about it openly, I also decided more than that: it was IMPORTANT to do so. And I have…I don’t want to say I have never regretted it- because oh, I have. I have spent the bulk of my career with people giving me the long side eyeball: and I don’t much give a shit. Because the private messages, the emails, the feedback from those who could relate- that matters. I am a wounded healer- and I am never going to be ashamed- because I don’t feel anyone who needs healing should be. The various cultures of shame surrounding mental illness in the new age industry, in the paranormal and otherwise is a fat load of shit. In business and marketing, too. EVERYONE has something. Not a one of us is special in this- and that’s a good thing.
The thing of it is, though, they have a point. Sort of. They’re just overzealous and well intended and not really thinking. Self care is a big deal and it is absolutely essential- but, for many of us it is also stressful. Does that make sense?

Gimme a minute-

Here’s where it makes sense: you ever get so bogged down in all you have to do that you end up, florped on the couch or in bed at night and you feel like you haven’t really gotten a damn thing done? You’ve been all chicken with your head off and when you see people talk of self care, you’re like “The hell you say.” And yet, you still feel like you’re treading water, standing still and just plain STUCK?

That’s what I mean. I do that all the time. Work-a-holicism is bad, and worse, it will ultimately stop your growth. This also happens in activism and other things- you just get freaking tired. You’re still going, you’re barely making it, and this foofy talk of self care seems about the most silly thing you’ve ever heard?

Yeah, me, too: but it’s fucking true. Not only that- sometimes, you have to USE YOUR PRIVILEGE. I know people hate that word, a lot of people have a lot of negative association with it and there’s good reason- because, well, you have advantages other people do not. Other people have advantages you don’t. That’s honest to god all it is, regardless of what some overzealous idiot white knight types try to tell you.(Who are, in fact, in the minority, they’re just loud. Stupid and loud.) I will try to steer clear of a rant about that, for now- but many of you know how I feel: it exists, it’s a point of understanding- but: it’s also recognizing the tools you’ve got to work with, and working with them. Reason I point this out is- how many people will have months where they just drop right off the grid and have no bills? I have had this happen more than once. So, for me to stand here and be like “GO INWARD, it’s REALLY all you gotta do!” well, I’m a dick if I don’t tell you I had a major major advantage in doing that.

MOST of these Super Gurus do- and if you look at their shit, you see tropics and you see resorts and you see all these glamorous things: but even with them, you don’t see it all. You see what they want you to. Yet, they almost all drop the damn ball because they present this image that is utterly un-attainable for most- and you sit there going, “Oh that’s all well and good but how in the fuck do I do this when I can’t trot off to fuckin’ Hawaii for a vacation peace get away?”

You do not have to.

Odds are, there was a time they couldn’t, too. I mean, there are a few of them who never had that issue, never worried about the bills or day to day expenses: but, let’s look passed the glossy bullshit and recognize: advantages now or no, everyone’s gotta start somewhere.

Of course, yes, this is really fucking easy for me to say because I had a couple freak incidents that gave me the time and the space I needed- scary as it was to imagine that the bubble would one day burst: I still got that. So, when I say you don’t have to have this space where the bills go away and you get to be undistracted, out in the wilderness for a few years: it might sound fucking glib and if it does, I’m sorry. But that last time, the time where the bills just poofed on me- I started to recognize some things about myself, about how I see money, about my own personal power I had denied. Sorta…well, not the Big Boss Battle, not the pre-big boss battle, but..maybe somewhere close to that point in the game where you know you’re about to beat it but by that point, it’s like “Aw, man, wonder when there’s gonna be a sequel?”

That’s what you can do with these retrograde cycles and the fact that they occur so frequently should be one HUGE freaking tip: it’s all do overs. Every little bit.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by the emotions or demands of others: pull back a while. You may not wanna be a dick about it, you might- it really depends on the situation. I think one of our biggest problems these days- the New Age Fluffies have it right, but they’re screwing the pooch: there is a LOT of fucking noise. A lot of distractions, a lot of shitty ass things going on, a lot of bullshit. And much of it is self inflicted when you refuse to pull back and take a break.

I am not talking about distancing yourself from the negativity of others in a way that dismisses or downplays their pain and I am not talking about ditching the hurting: you do that, and you’re an asshole. You’re not gonna get enlightened, you’re just gonna be an asshole- and it WILL bounce back and fuck you up. Denial is not positive thinking, nor is selfish shitbag behavior that alienates those you love.

I am talking about ways of distancing yourself temporarily so that you can silence all the noise around you- and so you can lick your wounds. Fill your own cup so you can THEN go on, to share what’s in it with others. This is key, and it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do- you need to do that. And it isn’t easy- hell, I got a house full of responsibility screaming at me pretty much 24/7, all manner of things I am working on and yet: lately, I defend my pullbacks with a ferocity.

People think I am a dick head for it in some cases- but come at me demanding a free reading and you are asking me for a hell of a lot more than throwing down a few cards or looking up some transits. Any time I- or anyone else, for that matter, takes time to explain concepts to you- it’s not just money. It is our time.

But it’s your time, too. Every time you do something for that shit ass who always has his hand out- but never seems to be there when you need it: you’re giving that person parts of your life you aren’t getting back. Time you won’t ever reclaim. The list goes on and on like that- and though now, more than ever it does seem that people are incredibly selfish and narcissistic, moreso than ever- the truth is, a lot of us undervalue not just ourselves, but our time, as well.

It ain’t just charging an hourly, darlin’ and when you do start to look on things in this way- you’re going to notice that, well, there are some things which instant gratification is nice. But the best things, oh no. The best things…take that currency you’re just throwing at bunches of people who do not give a shit.

So, work on that.

Each one of the things at play right now- they will tick different boxes for everyone. They will remind everyone of different things. They will renew you in different ways, too.

I can’t write you some generalized thing to tell you EXACTLY what to do: but, consider the patterns you’re seeing in your life and dig down to the core issue within you it picks AT.

Here’s what I can tell you about all of this-

It often sucks.
It’s often scary.
It often seems as though nothing is really happening, until one day, it does. Then it’s like HOLY CRAP.
Where you are now is not your final destination. Where you were before wasn’t, so why in the hell would it be?
You also have absolutely NO CLUE how far you’ve gone until you turn around and take a peek back- and so, you should. Just don’t look so long you start walking that way again.
It’s fucking worth it.

And finally- while someone like me can in fact, help guide you through some things, you do not really need me telling you what you have to do. You don’t really even need to believe in astrology or whatever- it’s about as simple as taking a look at the recurrent patterns in your life and recognizing those common strands in your tapestry. Where they snag, where they really pop. I said simple, not easy. It’s never easy and I wish it were.

Further, it isn’t just you. Everyone is going through something. That should seem very obvious- but, it often isn’t, when we are in the thick of things: when we are in those shitty headspaces, it’s much easier to believe that everyone’s out to get us. That everything they do is somehow, someway, a personal slight directed at us- and when we act on those feelings, we continue this cycle of shit. Shit begets shit, then that shit begets even more shit.

Instead, think about yourself. Think about the thoughtless things you’ve done in the past- those things where “I didn’t mean it!” came out or maybe should have. While it is important to remember that if I break your leg because I back into you with my car- odds are fairly good “I didn’t mean to!” but that’s not gonna unbreak your damn leg, is it? It’s also important to understand that I probably didn’t back my car into you because I hate you. (Okay, maaaybe. There are some people..I keed, I keed!)

If you take a look at something that’s been done to you- and it’s more than obvious that either a pattern of abusive, shitty behavior is ongoing, or that this chain-o-thoughtlessness continues: well, it’s time for some understanding. That understanding may well be that you do not deserve to be abused, it may well be that you need to be more clear in your expectations of others. Either way- it does begin with you. (ZERO victim blaming on the abuse scenarios- those are some terrifying realizations and beginnings. The understanding being: you do not have to take it.)

So, to close this rambling ass missive, the way that you will not just survive these retrogrades- and every single cycle thereafter when it seems as though everything spirals out of your control and shit is hitting every fan in your life?

Start with the one thing you can control: you.

And do not apologize for having to silence the noise outside for a while.

What in the Planetary bullshit is going on?

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(feels a bit like this right? I know it does for me)


Recently while going through my own personal hell, I’ve had others reach out to me that are having the very same emotions I’ve been experiencing. There are some quite painful shifts going on for everyone at current. The first thing to remember is that Uranus that has been in Aries is still in place and will be until next year. This is the portion that always brings about random stuff, situations, and people into or out of your life.

Now lets bring Venus in Aries in retrograde into the mix. Venus deals with finances and love typically. Well while she’s in retrograde, she’s trying to force you to be grateful for what you already have while trying to purge you of any toxins you still have in your life. If you won’t do it yourself, she will push the issue and make sure it happens. Venus is typically loving and gentle but when she is heading backwards (retrograde), she’s trying to make sure you’re doing what is right for your heart.

Whether it’s your finances, career, or relationships; are you doing right by yourself? If not, it’s time to figure out what you can do to do what you needs to happen. So she’s like a gentle mother nudging you to learn to take care of yourself. Venus will go direct on April 15th and start to move forward again. Just keep in mind the shadow period that is a bit like a ripple in the water that can last up to 2 weeks after.

Finally, we bring in the mix of Mercury retrograde also. Are we in it? Not technically until April 9th. Rest assured though, we ARE in the shadow period which means we’re already feeling the retrograde effect. April 9th is around the corner so you may as well accept it. In any event, I’ve explained before that Mercury is the one that forces you to do some heavy thinking.

This is where you start worrying about things, wondering if you’re doing the right thing, perhaps over analyzing things and making you feel quite emotional. With Mercury in Aries, you feel like you need to do something but at the same time feel helpless as though you just cannot move. It’s all normal. While Mercury will help you figure things out; you’ll need to tolerate the temporary discomforts that this transit can bring with it. Mercury goes direct May 3rd.

So we’ve got that pile going but we’ve also got the mighty Saturn in Sagittarius that will also be going retrograde on April 5th. Again, we’re in the shadow period so you may as well accept that it’s more or less in action as is. Saturn in Sagittarius makes you do major soul searching. Sagittarius wants freedom to do as it pleases yet Saturn is basically saying “you cannot do that right now, you must plan and wait a bit longer”.  Saturn will remain there until August 24th when she finally goes direct.

Anything you plan for your future will have to happen after August. The funny part though… (ok not really that funny but..)  Uranus, the master of randomness and surprises goes retrograde on August 2nd until January 3rd. The best thing I can recommend to you here is to accept that anything can happen at any time and it’s always best to be prepared.

If you worry about money, make sure you’re paying your debts and putting some extra into savings. If you need to, take up a second job and put that money away. If you’re concerned about love, try to do some meditation and figure out if you need to change situations or focus on yourself for awhile until things change again.

These are all some rough transitions. It’s a bit like putting your life in a blender and waiting to see how it will all turn out when it’s finished it’s churning cycle. The best you can do for yourself is exercise, eat healthy, meditate then meditate some more. By doing this, you keep yourself healthy and you are able to center yourself. Centering yourself leads you to finding solutions to any problems that may exist in your life.

Of course as always, if you’d like to find out where all of these transits more specifically, please feel free to email me for my rates. I’m more than happy to help you as I too am on the same journey and bumpy road you are. Sending you all my love. Feel free to share my article with anyone you think may need it. Thank you!


~Jen Devillier~



Easter Really Doesn’t Have Anything To Do With Ishtar

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And seriously, can we just stop this kind of thing all together?

Except, no.

Except, no. It wasn’t. Most of this is false.

Each and every year, I see this going around earlier and earlier- it’s sort of become the neo-Pagan’s version of The War On Christmas memes.

You know, the ones we like to laugh about, because, there’s really no War On Christmas?

While I don’t understand the whole “War on Christmas” thing, sadly, I kind of understand this. While that’s a bit on the silly side, you can understand why it is that those who aren’t of the Abrahamic faiths would want to find those areas where there have been sort of…well, I don’t want to say cultural appropriation- but, it’s a similar concept. A lot has been said about how the pagan belief systems have been Christianized and what reasons there may have been for that. This is of course, not just in where Christians have taken bits and bobs of other religions into their own traditions- but, I mean, take a look at any Asatru page with a large following on Facebook. Any of those things look a bit familiar? If you look, and really look, you’ll recognize a few themes that…well, it’s not exactly pre-Snorrellssen stuff, there mixed in with some “Hahaha! Silly Christians!” stuff- which is…uh…. (Off the top of my head, I can’t remember the full title, but, if you ever get the chance, there are not only quite a few things out there on this- but, I first read about it in a book called The Christianization of Iceland and I think it’s by Vesteinsson. Anyhoo..back to this whole Ishtar/Easter bit..)

If you want something slightly closer….

In case Dutch ain’t your bag, baby:
Shrouded in the field, in mist and cold
Shines a shimmer in the dew
When the heavens color from black to blue
In the East where the night begun
Awakes the light of the morning sun
Her morning blesses our source/spring

Early, when the day begins
And the sun blinds the field of stars
When Spring conquers Winter
By the dawn, witnessed by us
Sunlight paves a path of gold
Through the chilling fog banks in the woods

Night and day reach balance
Long-awaited return of the light
When the sun rises again and the cold disappears
And the light of life shines on the land
Feel the warmth in the morning
Lush green shoots from cold ground
When the Saxon people greet the sun
On the hills bathing in her glow


Let’s not soften a goddess who was anything but, first of all.


You know what Ishtar’d probably do to you if you handed her an egg?

Beat you with it until you were dead.

Okay, actually, no, she wouldn’t, but if you look at…jesus, do you even Gilgamesh, bro?

The Cliff’s notes version is, here we have a goddess who fell in love with a hero. Yes, that old chestnut. So, she says, “Hey, look, let’s get married.” He says, “I don’t think so, frankly, you scare the shit out of me- and anyway, your love life’s a trainwreck. You’re like that shitty pair of sandals that makes guys trip and fall on their faces.”


She gets pissed. That whole woman scorned thing usually gets a whole lot worse when it involves a goddess- and well, she asks her dad, Anu, the King of the Gods, if she can use the Bull of Heaven- he’s pretty hesitant, until she threatens him:


If you refuse to give me the Bull of Heaven- I will break in the doors of hell and smash the bolts; there will be a mixing of people, those above with those from the lower depths. I shall bring up the dead to eat food like the living; and the hosts of the dead will outnumber the living!


So, basically, she’s like, “Look, I’m going to bring about the zombie apocalypse if you don’t, Daddy. Gimme the fucking bull.” This was actually one of her favorite threats and how she got into the underworld. Ultimately, getting there naked. But that’s another story.


So, the thing goes bugshit on Uruk. Each time this bull stomps a foot- something horrible happens. Warriors die, mostly. Well, Gilgamesh has this friend he’s been running around with- Enkidu. Originally, he was a wild man- part beast, part man who was supposed to take Gilgamesh down a peg or two, but one thing leads to another with a temple prostitute and he’s tamed. Of course, he later blames her for this, but, well, we all know how that shit goes. Anyway- right around the last time the bull stomps, he falls into the pit. He leaps up out of it, taking the bull by the horns- (Oh yes.) screams, “Hey Gilgamesh, come get this bull!” and he does, he stabs it in the throat. They rip out the heart and give it to the sun god. Ishtar gets pissed off again, and Enkidu rips the bull’s leg off and hits her in the face with it. You can imagine how thrilled she was about that. At this point, the man-beast friend begins to dream- and up until now, he’s just been helping Gilgamesh sort his own dreams out and he’s like, “Uh, I think we might be a bit screwed here. In my dream I saw these 3 Gods talking and they think I need to die because of this shit with the bull and a tree in the Cedar Forest. One of the Gods, Shamash says ‘guys, they did it for me, though..’ and another God, Enil, is just a bit annoyed by this. And that’s when I woke up.


Gilgamesh is upset, because his bromance is about to die in the most literal way. Enkidu gets ahold of Enil and…when begging doesn’t work, he starts cursing and blaming everyone and everything for what’s about to happen to him. He and Shamash sort of have this conversation:


I, I am clearly broken and no one knows what to do
Pieces of the puzzle don’t fit, so, I pound them into you
Itching is the pulse inside
Creeping out to come alive
It’s just doing what it’s gonna do
Times are looking grim these days
Holding on to everything
It’s hard to draw the line
Shut the fuck up! Get up!
Shut the fuck up! Get up!
Shut the fuck up! Get up!
Anyway, spoiler alert, he dies anyway.
And much of this happens, because she saw Gilgamesh after a fight and thought he was hot enough to be her husband. Except…her husbands don’t end well. Point being, this is not the Easter Bunny and it’s definitely not Eostre. For one thing, as the meme states- those aren’t Ishtar’s symbols. There is no evidence anywhere that they ever were. Hers were lions and the 8 pointed star.
Eostre is a Saxon goddess. Something like…3, 4 thousand miles from Mesopotamia. But here’s the thing about Eostre- some people think maybe St. Bede The Venerable made her up. Widely considered to be the most learned man of his time, Bede was a Catholic historian/monk who wrote something called The Reckoning of Time in about the 8th century. He said that the pagans used to have feasts in her honor right around springtime, but, you know, that was before his time and now, it was Paschal….or…Passover. Which….would be where we get into the bit about Easter, sort of.
The first time I saw this, all I could think was…okay, wait. We have this vengeful Canaanite fertility goddess that somehow makes its way into Anglo Saxon or even English stuff. Well, okay, so, even going on that, if you look at the fact that in much of Europe, even- it’s not called Easter at all, but rather relate it to the resurrection: or words relating to Passover. Which are more P words, like the French say Paques and so forth. It’s not entirely unheard of for this kind of thing to occur, but mythologically and linguistically- it doesn’t even make any sense. 
Anyway, later on, we have Jacob Grimm- and this is a German, so, you know he’s going to argue. Beyond that, though, he’s a mythologist and oh, one of the guys who wrote and edited a bunch of fairy tales. Again, an editor. You know, he’s going to argue.
He rightfully pointed out that…”Uh, hey, Bede. How in the hell do you get this when in the freaking Gylfaginning, we have Austri?! Of course, the feminine of that would end in an “a” but, beyond that, uh, these customs and everything…oh and another thing- those gods, goddesses and customs were hardly over when you came on to the scene, here, so...”
Of course, he’s not actually talking to Bede, because Bede has been dead quite some time at this point, but, you get the idea.
You probably shouldn’t get me going on how, well, there was another Goddess that liked hares, eggs, fertility and sunlight- Freyja and well, some say, could be Idunn.
Thing is, there are a small handful that you could say this of, who have been debated as having been: and Ishtar’s not one of them.

Beyond all that…

Is this really the way we want to do this?

This sort of smug bullshit is obnoxious, and well, it’s even more obnoxious when it’s a complete load of shit.

In other words, eat your Reese’s eggs, celebrate whatever it is you do, and leave people be.

We really don’t need a pagan version of the War On Christmas.