Tarot and Astrology: A Basic Method For Combined Readings

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For those who aren’t familiar with me: I use Western Astrology. The deck used here is The Golden Botticelli by Lo Scarabo. I do not host ads or utilize affiliate links, the links here all go to resource sites you can use but I’m not affiliated with. 

If you’d like to learn more about me, you can pop on over to my biography.  Link will open in a new tab, try not to get startled.

I have seen this come up a number of times and so, I thought I would take a minute to sit and write this out. Okay, it was a lot of minutes.  This is a bit of a sneak peek for a free, comprehensive guidebook I will be releasing on August 1st, so, please be on the lookout for that.

What to do with this:

You can further deepen your tarot readings by looking at the corresponding planet or planets in your own chart. You can either look at where that planet is in your natal chart- or you can look at the transits- or both, or I have even done this to look at planetary placements in my solar return to discern maybe if there’s something I’m not paying enough attention to. It’s up to you. Either way, this is one useful method of using basic astrology to deepen your tarot readings. As you’ll see, depending on where a planet is placed: the tone and advice may change.

For instance: say that my daily reading or weekly readings have seemed to always involve The High Priestess, and my partner Kurt’s has, as well. The High Priestess here, corresponds to the Moon.

I am going to simply outline the technique using natal planetary placements for this- If you need your natal chart and you don’t have an astrology program- you can either go to and create your own report using their AstroClick Portrait or, well, of course, you can order one from me or another astrologer you like.

Moving on to the planetary placement and what that can mean in terms of different interpretations-

If we look at Kurt’s natal chart, you can see that his Moon is in Scorpio, and it’s in the 8th house.

Now, you’d take note of this and go on to explore what those things mean in your particular case. I won’t go into these things too deeply as they’re just examples to show you what I mean- but you should be able to get the idea.

Moving on to my chart- this is what I want to use to illustrate: now, though we’re both drawing the High Priestess regularly- think about his natal moon and now, look at mine: you can see my natal Moon is in Leo, 10th house.

That’s probably going to carry a VERY different message than his, right? Scorpio and Leo, of course, aren’t all that similar- but, also, with his natal Moon in the 8th: he would be focusing on the hidden things, sex, relationships and possibly inheritances or shared resources, possibly even ritualistic things or some sort of transformation.

Mine being in the 10th, mine might involve my father, though I tend to think that it actually depicts the more influential parent. However, it also encompasses my social status, role in my community or any authority I may possess or encounter.

Of course, there’s a bit more to all of that, but for brevity’s sake, we’ll leave it there.

Let’s take a look at a bit more complex example by moving on to the 7 of Cups.


So, at this point- what we have is two people, same repeated card, but two very different possible expansions and messages contained within the reading. Now, if you take a look- another example, let’s go with a Minor Arcana example: every day, we’re both drawing the 7 of Cups. This card corresponds to …not just a planet. But, more specifically, Venus in Scorpio. How does THAT work? Neither of us have Venus in Scorpio. (Venus in Gemini and Venus in Sag, if you can see that- funtimes, sure, sure. Lol)

Here is where we get into the method I work with- whenever I get one of those repeat cards that carries something like this- a transit, for instance: I will look at both the upcoming transit and the one before it. I will also often take into account what that transit’s impact is in a general sense.

So, Venus in Scorpio- look at the ephemeris and Venus’s next trip into Scorpio will be on November 7th, later this year. The last time it was in Scorpio was September 23 of last year.

Venus in Scorpio, in a general sense denotes a time frame when we might be just a bit prone towards falling for some mighty pretty bullshit. Oh, sure, it looks wonderful but it’s often similar to when you’re a kid and you find your first big ass bar of baking chocolate. HUGE BIG CHOCOLATE BAR?! Yes, please! You think and then you take a bite. Oh god, it’s BITTER!

(And if the ephemeris makes your eyeballs cross- and I know it does for a lot of people: has an excellent planetary overview and a plethora of resources for you.)

You can either take a look at the prior transit- that is, the one from 2016 and figure out what lesson you maybe should have learned but did not, or you can look ahead to the next and explore from there to determine what exactly the heads’ up the card is trying to give you may be.

Of you can simply go with what the transit means: not everything is as it appears, if it looks too good to be true, it may well be. (In a nutshell.)

Now, being we are a couple, I’d take that into account regardless of which one of these examples we’re going with- because, obviously, we’re close and impact one another. However, if it’s just him getting the repeat card or me: then, it’s different, obviously.

Isn’t he a dapper little fellow?


So, let’s move on to the next card, say you’ve been drawing The Devil.

Now, if you want to just go with natal, you would look at Capricorn, and figure out what’s hanging out there. If you want, you can scroll back to the example charts: my Sun, Mars, and Mercury are all in Capricorn, and all in the 3rd house. The house thing may or may not apply, but, you’re going to specifically look at what you’ve got kicking around in Capricorn.

Let’s imagine for just a second that my chart has NO Capricorn– nothing in Capricorn at all.

You are decidedly going to have to use your imagination on this one- as yeah, uh, there’s definitely Capricorn influence here.


Does this mean Capricorn has no influence in my chart at all?

Yeah, no.

Same holds true for empty houses, but this is another rant. The influences you see from empty houses or otherwise- may be more subtle. The first thing I do when I note there are no planets in a sign- I look at the other signs in that element. So, say I didn’t have anything in Capricorn, I’d look at the other Earth signs: Taurus and Virgo. We’ll pretend that I notice that there’s a distinct lack of planetary placement within those earth signs on the whole. Maybe one thing here or there- but it’s clear, Earth is not dominant.

But I drew the Devil- so, what does the Devil usually speak of, in a basic sense? Control issues. I might need to learn to take control in a better way- it may also mean that I do so to the extreme: perhaps I have such crazy standards for perfectionism that my ideals cannot come to fruition and are not realistic. OR…

Wait- I look and I note that freaking Virgo is placed right smack on my Ascendant or another important angle of my chart. That would negate the lack of Earth in my chart and indicate that perhaps the Devil is telling me that I’m being too nitpicky and need to unpucker my butt a bit.

So, anyway- you can see, these things go a bit above and beyond simply “The Magician ties to Mercury” and all that: but what do you do with this? Here is my method for tying astrology into my tarot readings, and it’s one I use with clients all the time with a lot of success. Of course, others will have other methods- and that’s awesome. If you find some, feel free to use those, if they work better for you.


The Method

I either identify a repeating card or, simply draw one for this purpose.
Pull up the chart you’re working with.
Note the astrological association of the tarot card.
Find it within the chart.
Analyze where this may be applicable to you and why.
Propose possible solutions based on that information or explore further with another card.

Go ahead and give it a shot- see what you discover.

Time to work on simplifying things…part 1

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So, in case you’re just joining us, I am an astrologer on a tear. I have already ranted about Saturn Retrograde and Mercury Retrograde– and if you click on those, you’ll find I cuss like a sailor, but, you’ll also find out what those cycles mean in your life. So, we know this, how do we ACTUALLY use it? Well, beyond what I already said about going inward- there are some mighty fine brass tacks involved: and the biggest area I see around me is with small businesses and blogs who are on wobbly legs with their social media. Don’t worry, our next post goes into more personal stuff- but, I get asked about this so often, I wanted to start here.

One of the very best ways you can actually use both the Saturn Retrograde AND the Mercury Retrograde cycles is in seeing those areas where you’re lagging a bit in terms of working smarter. I am a very good example of this- I am a hard worker and a perfectionist, but, lacking organization: just spinning my wheels and I knew it.  Retrogrades are a pain in the ass. Everyone knows it, particularly since Mercury retrograde gained marketing steam several years back.

Saturn retrograde? YAAARGH talk about having your butt handed to you! Let’s not even get into the Venus retrograde personal life stuff I am also dealing with- wheeeeeheeew. Retrogrades kinda suck- but, they can be the productive kind of challenges that you can use to change everything.

As a result, we now have two standard blog post types that come around each and every retrograde cycle. You get the marketing gurus who tell you a bunch of fluffy nonsense about manifestation and wishes that doesn’t work, looking like this:


Or you get the total doom and gloomers, looking like this:


But what a lot of people do not know- because, well, most of us do not have huge, expansive marketing budgets is…there is a third camp. And we kinda look at both extremes like this:



I am not talking about some cheesy manifestation thing or…even new age stuff, if you can believe that.

If you take a look at what these cycles mean, it gives you a great way to focus on specific and actionable concerns in your life- more powerful than any magic word you’ll ever find. (Though, I do believe the words we use consistently do impact our realities- we’ll get to that in another post.) Next week, I will be giving away worksheets to help you to streamline your retrograde plan of attack- so, make sure you sign up for our email list and when you do? I’ll send you a free Numerology report. Just like that. No spam, no bullshit, just all our content in your inbox and you’ll be getting exclusive stuff no one else ever gets to see.

If you’re a tarot reader or astrologer or psychic- or, if you run an online business, it’s likely you know how intimidating the entire process of social media marketing can be. There are a myriad of choices out there meant to help, yet, you sign up and *sad trombone*. Feeling me yet?

In my prior role at the gigantic Company I Cannot Name Legally- I learned a lot of marketing stuff. Most of it, was horrifyingly bad funnels that left people feeling confused and frustrated due to shoddy information and lack of actionable goals. I’m toeing the line there in terms of what I can say, but: I also dug in and learned a lot of useful stuff, from there, I took more marketing and business courses than I ever really wanted to, threw in my Bill Hicks opinion of the whole damn thing- which, by the way is not good and I became the Anti-Marketer. Do I still work with marketing teams? Oh you bet. But, you can also bet their ethics are sterling. We need more of that and less playing on insecurity to sell people shit they do not need that simply does not work. Where to begin?

The key is to automate as much as you can- but, how? So many options out there and I researched them all: until I discovered IFTT.
This is the easiest, most effective way to streamline your social shares I have found- and it doesn’t even require being on a marketing list or dealing with complex systems. Matter of fact, if you’ve ever looked at managing Instagram in particular- the process you have to go through for scheduling is tedious as all get out: so understand this is from the perspective of somebody who does not schedule Instagram posts- I post them organically and that’s where almost every visually based post I make begins. Take Jen’s Card of the Day for example- people just LOVE it over on Instagram and Jen doesn’t even have an account. Couple hashtags and you are good to go. If you happen to need to schedule your Instagram posts, for whatever reason- Buffer actually offers a great recipe for that, here. Obviously, you’d have to have Buffer to make that work: but, if you’re looking for a way to schedule posts, it’s definitely something you should look into, as well. I dislike third party scheduling and posting tools in general- but having researched pretty much all of them, Buffer is in my top 3 and is incredibly useful.

Let’s get you smoooooothe.


No, I cannot be hired for marketing help nor would I ever promote myself as such: the ONLY reason I am tossing some of these blogs into the mix is I’d love to see more New Age practioners take control of this dirty, flooded industry and flip it the hell over. Let’s throw in another gif for good measure- because we all know that THIS is the reality, right? Let’s work together to uplift one another and take out the zombie marketers.


Even if you aren’t in the new age industry- odds are, you know EXACTLY the sort I’m referring to. They are everywhere, they are prevalent: and they are predators who use people’s fears to drive them towards never ending funnels of sales that never, ever help. I should know, I helped make one company a hell of a lot of money just like that. We all fall into that trap, deeply looking for success and grabbing onto what looks like expertise. Til you find you are neck deep in unethical dookie and not sure how to fight it. I don’t recommend getting sued for defamation, I really do not. Even if you win, like I did: it’s a pain in the ass. But, you CAN make it right- by being right. First step: organize and automate your stuff.

Those Brass Tacks

(Please forgive my Lilith in the 10th house style use of my fall, but, it is a critical part of the story of my rise.)
I use If This Then That recipes and actually, I am setting up even more. Bear in mind- I am probably one of the most scatter brained people there is: which becomes quite the nightmare during Mercury retrograde. Right now, I just have a very simplified thing going- my Instagram automatically posts to Facebook, but, I use an IFTT recipe to then send native photos to Twitter.

Before I go into this, let me first tell you what this is. IFTT is a neat little tool that essentially, connects a couple of your social services to one another. It does this in a variety of ways- but essentially, it automates things by way of what you do via one social service, triggers an action at another. For instance, each morning I share Jen’s Card of the Day to IG, which connected to my Facebook, shares. But, then, IFTT shares it with the photo, to Twitter as a tweet.

You simply sign up for an account and then look through the recipes to figure out which best suits your needs. There are over 200 of them, and really, if you’re overwhelmed already- just stick to searching out those you know you need. I’ll give you a few of the ones I am looking at or working with, already.

You can use it with-


If you take a look around, you’ll also see there are recipes to trigger far, far more than social media. Unless you have actionable goals that involve certain things and a search brings those up- I’d steer clear during these retrograde cycles. No need cluttering yourself up with new things just yet, remember, you’re trying to simplify and make use of existing projects- so stick with what you’re working on and you should be just fine. I like to make a little list, search keywords pertaining to it- and go from there.

I don’t actually have any connection to any of the companies listed here, however, I do get questions from other tarot readers and astrologers all the time about marketing: so, I figured, I’d set this up. If you want to get started but you don’t know where the heck to begin because it’s all a bit much: simply start here to see what pops up.

For blogging tools, go here:
Productivity and Time Management? They’ve got you covered, too:

Have other issues? Why not try popping a keyword relating to it into the search and seeing for yourself how you can harness your creativity, automate some things and work smarter?

Hope this helps! If you’d like more information on how to utilize the retrograde cycles, astrology and divination as well as other awesome offers and information, please sign up for our email list. We do not spam, never have, never will- and your information is safe with us, we respect your privacy. Plus, sign up and we’ll give you a free numerology report! Just a little gift to you, for being so rad.

Samples of Our Sirius Generated Report Options

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We offer a variety of report options to choose from, some in combination with others. If you would like to purchase any of these reports as a standalone, please email us for ala carte pricing. Click on the links below to view our sample reports in PDF format:

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Throughout the month of April, this option is only $5.00 via Victoria’s Facebook Store, with 100% of the proceeds from each Natal Report puchase going to SAIL Rescue. Please see THIS POST for details. You may also donate directly to the rescue itself by sending $5.00 to via paypal and emailing Victoria confirmation of your donation, your day, month, year, time and place of birth- her email is 

Personality Scores

Sabian Symbols

Please note: Sabian Symbols are typically interpreted by the person for whom they are drawn. That is, what you perceive is what your message is. Interpretations for them do exist, however, it’s a big long story as to why and how they became this way. Quite interesting- you should look it up, sometime. 

Major Life Themes

Harmonic Highlights

Fixed Stars

Compatibility Report

Compatibility Scores For Friends

Cosmo Compatibility Lovers

Don’t you judge me! He’s hot! And I hear, into astrology. 


Please note, we will need your current location for these options:

Your privacy IS important to us and we will never share any information about your data, charts or sessions without your express written consent. RDJ’s current location here is just a guess and we do not need your full address, just city, state, and country.

Valsecia Solar Return

Planets In Solar Return

If there is something you’re interested in but do not see here, feel free to email us to ask. Odds are pretty good we either do it or we have it.



Motherfucking Mercury Retrograde

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Before I begin- you guys, I am testing out a new fundraising thing. If this has a good response- I will leave my prices on this and the donations on this as they stand for good. Not just for April, but for good. What this means for you is that you can get a basic natal report for $5, but it also means that some rescue pups and cats can get the food and care they need. It’s really a win win, so please CLICK THIS LINK to check that out.

So, I already went into Saturn’s Retrograde station this year, which…one would think the Lord of Karma would get a bit more fear and awe than little ol’ Mercury, but no, marketers latched onto a planet that has not one massive karmic DUMP once a year- to one that hits 3-4 times a year. So, now, we have a shitload of this happening, every time the announcement of Motherfucking Mercury Retrograde comes out.



My use of “motherfucking” here is totally tongue in cheek, if you couldn’t tell. I wrote a fairly popular Mercury retrograde guide, which, I made the mistake of putting up on Amazon. It was, frankly, decent cigarette money each month and when I totaled up the sales I realized my biggest Mercury retrograde lessons for that year were: Do not put your work on Amazon.

I seriously stopped writing the little blurb about retrograde being an optical illusion- jesus tits, if I wanna put some filler shit in my blog I’ll just rant a bit more. About Amazon taking all my money. Anyway. Let’s have a looksee, here.

So, right now, you’re probably going, “The heck, Tori? Why do you have all that extra crap in there?”

And it’s a valid question, really. Here’s one of those things you should probably get on with a quickness- simplify some things. I have it on there because I look at certain things due to a personal affinity to said things. Let’s look again:

There we go. Now we can move forward, uncluttered, to look at the actual issues. Oh fantastic, more love and money problems. You probably should have guessed- this is a theme. Thing is, this is in Taurus and guess what planet rules Taurus? Venus.

This would be why I started out this series by encouraging you to look inward. ‘Cause boy howdy, your own head and heart isn’t right- your love life and your wallet will be a hot mess. And so it goes.

Let me begin by explaining transiting Mercury retrograde- this happens 3 or 4 times a year and usually drags on for 24 days. Again, just one part of a bigger cycle- wherein Mercury stations direct, then retrograde, then direct again- same degrees, enters and exits retrograde zones. Pre-shadow’s like a little peek into what you can expect, and the post-shadow is where you can continue to address some things. Funny how that shakes out.

You probably already know it’s communication related. I make all sorts of Queen jokes for the obvious reason but, Led Zeppelin’s probably more appropriate- especially for this one.

Your nerves might be jangled, you may experience crappy travel stuff, you could lose some things, and tech can go haywire. Worse than all of that, you might start thinking about the ex or the past- or EVEN WORSE, you might actually get a real life visit from that ghost from your past.

Generally it’s a bad idea to commit to anything during Mercury Retrograde and you should be a bit more mindful of your words. Discovering how limber you are because while your foot’s in your mouth, your head is also up your ass is kind of common.

Just the basic facts- can you show me where it hurts?

Let’s take it back to Mercury moving into Taurus from Aries. That may have been kind of a balm considering Mercury in Aries was like blabbermouth city. From the end of March until now, it may have felt like some of those ideas you have- really did have staying power, but…maybe, just maybe you felt those rumbles of doubt starting to ripple through. Odd little nagging what if’s and anxiety.

Mercury in Taurus is ALL about Keep It Simple Stupid and if you happen to be an overthinker, this may be a time when you start to pare down the plan to something more workable. So why the nagging little doubts and anxiety? Because Mercury actually moved into that pre-retrograde zone on March 21st- so, the more convoluted shit began to eat at your core there and again, we have the whole “Good intentions paving the way to hell” thing- because, well, you can mean well all you like but if the plan’s all wonkadoo and crazy elaborate, it’s still going to get a wrench or two thrown into it. Purely by virtue of more places to stick that sucker.

Worse, Taurus being a fixed sign, some of those ideas you had might have just gotten a Hulk Smash- which can also cause considerable issues with your confidence levels. You might have found yourself- or you find yourself in a position where no compromise is there to be had and it may not seem like there are a whole lot of options.

With Mercury stationing retrograde on the 9th, this may get amped up just a bit more and you may find that the answers you’re looking for are slow in coming, unless the answer is “No.” That one seems to be pretty abrupt in a lot of cases- but this is a good thing. There is almost always a good reason for it- whether you see it now or not and it will shake out: just wait. Anyone who has ever dated a Taurus, raise your hand if you’ve been late to pretty much every freaking thing. Think about it a minute. Still, Taurus has some really awesome qualities and you’ll find that the time this is shaking out in that sign is a bit of a breather though it may seem like a roadblock. You will find that though yep, a few of those ideas were crap- the ones that are not have a way of showing through the cracks of your broken dreams there and offering a hell of a lot more hope and potential for long term results.

The T Square Make or Break

You might be feeling like the world’s on your shoulders and you need to make big big choices right freaking now. Odds are pretty good you do not- and in those cases where you absolutely must: you had best check yourself before you wreck yourself because if you find yourself being tempted towards making nasty threats at people or attempting to control people because your ego is boo hooing over a thorn in its paw: oh honey. Don’t. You see, big thing here is the Sun is opposite Jupiter in this thing and this can be AMAZING. You could have some cherry opportunities nibble at you and be feeling pretty good- but, you get all high and mighty, go full on prima donna and those shots slip through your fingers. Not only that, you’ll likely encounter some kind of embarrassing situation as the Universe is like “Uh, sit the fuck down.”

Don’t be greedy, do not get all power hungry or jealous and petty and do not resort to shady behaviors to get your way. You might be thinking all dog eat dog, but in the end, you’re the one going to the pound if you do. You may also be dealing with people like that and the temptation to stoop to that level can happen- but, resist it. It may suck and it may feel like they’re “getting away with it” but, they’re not.

Oh, look at the Moon

Okay, so, you look at the T square and if Saturn’s not already slapping your ego ass- this one probably will. Like I said, I am not one for doom and gloom but when it comes to fevered egos- I don’t mind saying: please, for the love of fucking everything, just stop.
The biggest aspect you’ll find in this retrograde’s actually one you may have never even heard of- a quincunx.

Typically, a quincunx is challenging because the planets involved are kind of “What the hell?” at each other- different modalities, different elements and it can be pretty hard to find a middle ground. This one is the Moon and Mercury- which, can make for…oh lemme bust out some more Zeppelin.

Before I REALLY get into this, let me mention again the Venus stuff at play here: until the 15th, Venus is still retrograde. It’s also square Saturn, retrograde. Throw in the Mercury retrograde with this as the big factor and you’ve got a recipe for possibly feeling the bite of those choices you made- or didn’t make in the past. Confusion and a lack of clarity meet this freakish feeling of fate at play- and you might do something really stupid if you don’t pull back. So, pull back.

With this quincunx it’s going to feel like your brain and your heart are at war- and who has the answer here? Neither one. You need to pull back from the emotions- but not do so with such staunch intellectualism that you forget your heart entirely. Looking at neither hot nor cold- stick with warm for now. This holds much more true for situations where you are emotionally entangled- you will be more likely to make an emotionally based decision and not thinking clearly: which isn’t a great idea.
Putting it all together with everything else- balance may be hard won, but, you need to strive to win it in all things. Believe me, once Mercury stations direct in Aries: the time for taking risks is going to come and toss in a conjunct Uranus at this time, but also several very pleasant trines: it’s okay to not decide for now. It’s okay not to act for now. Even if you are feeling very impatient because you’re nervous, you’re afraid because you cannot control the outcome: take a peek at that whole motivation to “control the outcome” and it should give you plenty of internal work to keep you distracted from the external for now. And it needs to happen, because, while typically I would write out the part about the direct station: that’s so good I’m going to have to do a whole stand alone post about it. So, as usual: mind your ps and qs, slow down, reflect and by the time this is over: you’ll have a much more hopeful path ahead. Let’s close with an ironic, albeit ENTIRELY appropriate one:

Saturn Retrograde: Karma does not mean what you think it does.

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April 6, 2017- Saturn stations retrograde at 27° Sagittarius. It will continue in retrograde motion until August 25th, when it will station direct at 21° Sagittarius. For those who are new here and need such warnings: 


Let’s do this thing.


I feel like maybe people really just aren’t getting what The Big Daddy Planet here is all about- I look around and I see quite a lot of fluffy talk about karma. Problem is, karma does not work the way that most of you think it does. And so, each and every year when Saturn stations retrograde- we get this influx of barfworthy blogs about people getting what they deserve- when in fact: everyone deserves…something. I do not actually believe in karma, though I respect the belief enough to understand it a hell of a lot better than most people who fling it around, I think.
Even by simple definition it seems absolutely appropriate for Saturn, and well, in a nice, double dose during the Saturn retrograde. The word itself simply means: work, action or deed. And deeds are right up my belief alley.

So, how to survive Saturn retrograde? Ask yourself: What the fuck am I doing? 

No, REALLY ask it. Go deep. And don’t ask yourself What the fuck is my neighbor doing? What the fuck is my spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner doing? My competition, my dog, my window washer- you get the idea. 

No- What the fuck am I doing?

Because if you are blaming or using any of them to make an excuse or excuses for what you are not doing or what you are doing- guess who’s getting a karma visit? Sure, they might. But you definitely will. 

(I am over here kinda gagging on “karma visit”, sorry- lack of a better term. Still. Yuck. Never believed in the whole “karma as personal hitman” thing. But whatever.)

It’s time for you to grow the fuck up, in those areas you need to grow the fuck up. Pure and simple. Now remember when I am saying this- I am not talking about those things beyond your control at all. I’m not. However, many of them- if you take a look, there’s something you can control- and in some, it may be that you need to step up and speak out. Your mileage may vary and all that.

Now, this retrograde cycle’s gonna be a weird one for sure. First off, it starts out with one of the gnarliest aspects out there- as Venus is square Saturn. Don’t freak out, don’t think I am doom and glooming this- I am not: what I am doing is pointing out the astrological weather at play. We’ll get into how you work with that in a bit. The fact that both planets are in retrograde motion doesn’t help a whole lot in terms of being challenging- but, it does give you some very clear ideas as to what it’s time to deal with. The good news being- there are quite a few things that will give us some hope and some benchmarks to work for even before The Lord of Karma here stations direct. You will have the opportunities to act, to make things right. However- going back to the original point, it’s going to be all about who you’re looking at.

If you are looking at others, you are..well, what you allow to continue, will..continue. Fairly simple stuff. If you’re looking at somebody else’s shit- you really are going to have a hard time seeing your own and in doing so: probably won’t do what you need to, there.

I dunno, me, personally, I’d rather resolve the problems and go on to happier, more satisfying personal relationships and work on my goals actively, but hey, maybe you just like rehashing the same shit over and over. For those who do not- well, Saturn retrograde can be a powerful time where you make those needed changes to stop the cycles and get things moving.

But you can’t make excuses. And you can’t simply do nothing. And you can’t be fixated on others. That’s not easy and I am not saying it is- particularly when it is people we are closest to. It’s really not. I hate seeing these kinds of statements used to more or less excuse crappy behavior- because that’s not what it’s about. It’s about detaching yourself so that you can work on yourself- and, in doing so: you’ll get a much clearer picture of how you should proceed respective of those who are doing things that provoke the emotional response within you. And Saturn does not give a shit why you didn’t do what you needed to, and he doesn’t care what someone else did- at least, not when it comes to what you do or do not do. The focus has to be on you and you alone. 

Are your actions right?

Whatever grey area reasons you have- if you dig down and you ask yourself simply: is this right?
And it is not- it’s time you figured out why you’re doing it, sure. But also, again, back to the car accidentally reversing over your legs deal- it still hurts. And if what you’re doing is still wrong, it’s still wrong.

Focusing on yourself in stark honesty can help you figure out the right thing when it seems unclear what that is- it can also give you the strength to work through that fear to do the right thing, when you’ve known all along what it is.

With that Venus square- these things that get brought up are all gonna be love and money. I think I have mentioned before, squares tend to suck. They reveal a whole lot of the resentment, distance and other negativity within a relationship. They can make you feel really down and also, very alone in the world. You may well see some financial issues- and you know, I always hate saying that because frankly, I know very few people who aren’t seeing them these days: but still. Kicker to all of this is, to maintain stability: you need to put in the work. You need to act. Whether that’s the long overdo talk you need to have, the time you need to spend with someone, the things you need to make right- the budget you need to get on better footing, the spending you need to get under control: you’ve got to make it right.

That may well seem like it’s veering away from the whole “Look at your own shit” but, when you do look at your own shit- and you do so in a brutally honest way, not flinching away from what those things have been needling within your own soul: you’ll realize some of your own attitudes and mindsets have been…lacking. There may be some old wounds you need to bust out the soul suture for, screwing up the works. Will this make a shitty partner a good one? Probably not- but that’s not the point: point being, if your relationship sucks and hopelessly so: you may need to dig a bit deeper to figure out why you’re stuck. The same holds true of business practices and money. When you begin to control those things within yourself, when you begin to work on them, you will notice: the kind of foggy lack of clarity that happens when things are emotional lifts- and you find yourself all over again in there. It is an important first step that so many people either miss or avoid: and then, find themselves locked in these same patterns and cycles over and over again, wondering why nothing ever works out.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I have been very fortunate in many ways. One of the ways I have not, however, is I have been in some horribly fucked up places that at the time seemed utterly hopeless. The biggest example and the one I’ve done a lot of activism and awareness work with: a domestic violence situation that seemed completely inescapable. 3 months living with a rapist. I don’t think I need to go into all the details, though I have before- man, many times. I sit here, this morning, writing this blog post when by the second month I swear, you could never have convinced me that I’d ever escape. I sit here, open to love, open to trust when, well for years after: yeah, no.

I do not cite my example of how easy it is to get out of situations by changing your mind. I do so, to illustrate exactly how hard it can be: and I KNOW it can. I also know how hard it can be to struggle with PTSD and all out mouth for war level rage. But, as hopeless as it may seem, it is also something that is most definitely not hopeless, at all. I had to come to the realization that I wanted my abuser to stop controlling me. Both times. Both hard. Both required a lot of intense action. No, it is not fucking easy. 

But a choice must be made, and that choice is always a starting point of a process. And any process is going to have its share of setbacks and it isn’t always steel spine, stiff upper lip and unflinchingly looking your demon in the eye. Hell no, most of the time, it’s curled fetal on the floor in front of it, weeping for all your worth- but, again: it’s a process. Which means, no matter how long you sit on the floor, as long as you continue to get up and move, you’re not down and out. Never fucking down and out.

Whether you are moving from Victim to Survivor, whether you are changing up the way you do business, whether you are moving from distant and cold relationship to that closeness you want or just breaking away so you can in time have that- probably gonna involve some blood, sweat and tears, man.

Enter Mars Trine Pluto- the orb on this one…it’s beautiful. This is your guts, right here. This is where you find the strength within you that you didn’t even know you had- and let it motivate you going forward to the transformation you want. The thing that pulls your ass up off the floor. And this isn’t just a nice little temporary boost, either, ‘cause once you wake it up, it’s woke. Because it is a trine, you can also likely find those right words you need- and get things moving while at the same time, keeping things more or less together.

As I mentioned before, this one, well, it’s sort of an odd duck because it’s like one end of the coin, and the coin flips- and there’s the other. You may see some shitty behavior, some horrible things about other people- but you might also see some beautiful things that fill you with a lot of hope. Two roads you can take, too. There’s a pretty nice trine that doesn’t really tie into the retrograde per se going on- with the Sun and the Moon which will soften some blows and help some of those shitty square energies be a little less “My god, it all fucking sucks, I should just give up all together” and more motivation to change things. And holy crap, the potential to completely turn your life around in weirdly swift ways? Yep, that’s there, too.

However, to bring it back around- you’re dealing with the Lord of Karma, and again- let’s define this one as action.

You have things you want to change in your life- your first step has to be, ask yourself:

What the fuck am I doing?

There are two ways you can then go on to figure out the hows and whys. I am going to give you a very basic look at how to figure out where this shakes out for you- and I recommend if you opt for this, you look at both the date it stations retrograde and the date it stations direct. First option being, you DIY that puppy. Click this link to find my walk through on how to use to figure out where planetary stuff happens in your own chart: HEY LOOK YOU COULD LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE WHILE YOU ARE AT IT.  I even made it so it’d open in a new tab, so it’s all convenient. Oh and would you look at that- if you need to know what it means through the houses, once you find them: I DID THAT, TOO.  You should share that post, because, well, whenever you share my posts or comment on them- I am like “Yay! Validated, you like me!” and because I don’t get paid for that, it encourages me to keep making posts like it.

Or, if this is all perplexing crap or you’d like to go deeper, you can book an astrology consult or even several with me and I can help you figure it all out. Click Here To Book Readings With Me.  For those in the St. Louis area, I do occasionally offer in person consults- please make sure you email me about availability on those.