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Who is Jen Devillier Anyhow?

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I guess from the last meme on Facebook I put up about songs that remind you of me, there are some things that people still don’t really KNOW about me. For that reason, I’ve decided to give you a list of who JEN DEVILLIER is.
1. I am not a witch/wiccan. I am a Spiritualist. I do not believe in God in the “religious” definition. I do communicate with Angels as well as other “beings” for lack of a better term. I may do meditation and burn colored candles for specific purposes and even use ouija, scrying mirror, etc… but I don’t do spells.
2. I am a punk rock girl. My main musical interests are anything that Maynard James Keenan is involved in (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Pusicfer). I also love Filter (Richard Patrick), as well as Nirvana (obviously), and other various punk or rock bands, especially the 90’s. I’m not much into 80’s techno pop.
3. My favorite foods are really simple. I love meat, potatoes, gravy, mac n cheese (mostly only kraft or velveeta though, don’t like home made), hot dogs, hamburgers, enchiladas, japanese food (including sushi), and many many diff types of desserts. Dr.Pepper is my drink of choice. I don’t typically drink alcohol anymore as it messes my body up too much and clouds my third eye. 
4. I don’t do politics at all whatsoever. With my spiritual understanding of life, it’s irrelevant and not worth getting worked up about.
5. I don’t do religion because well… see #1. I believe in being a good person and helping as many people as you can before you transition to the next plane of your existence. That simple.
6. I’m not exactly a pacifist but I don’t see any point in fighting because it solves nothing. Not to say I don’t yell from time to time but, I’d rather think everything over and then sit down and discuss it. It helps no one to fly off at the handle. When I do, I quickly realize how useless and dumb it was and move on from it.
7. I do Astrology, Tarot, Angel readings, Fairy readings, and give spiritual guidance to help others figure out their own path, I do not do any sort of fortune telling (don’t believe in anything that goes against free will). With the knowledge I still continue to learn, I find that we are far more than our simple sun signs. So next time you say you’re doing something or are something because of your sun sign, you’re technically incorrect. We all have each sign in our chart which makes us a more complex being than we give ourselves credit for.
8. I enjoy playing games that help the brain process more. This would include puzzle games of a variety but my favorite are the hidden object games. I’ve also always been excellent at word search puzzles. I was always the first done in my class in school. I can just “see” the words fairly quickly. I also enjoy playing MMORPG games as well. I used to be in a gaming “clan” to play Diablo, Starcraft, and even Counterstrike. I don’t have time much to do it now but it IS fun when I can. 
9. I am a bass player. I’ve been in two bands. Both were on the “punk” side of course since that was our influence as musicians. We never played covers. We only played original music. I wrote much of the lyrics and bass lines in our songs.
10. I’ve always been somewhat of a Paranormal Researcher. However, I don’t feel the word really fits that well anymore knowing what I know. I have ascended to a new level of understanding and the people we call “the dead” are not actually dead. They are in a different plane of consciousness is all. They are only dead in the way that we do not see them the way we once did. We CAN still communicate for sure but you have to learn how to communicate via the other planes of existence. It’s not easy but is doable.
11. I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I tell you I love you, I mean it. It’s not a easy word I just toss around for the fun of it. I typically forgive easily but if you burn me too many times, I will likely turn you out into the cold to find your own way. I refuse to be anyone’s floor mat or enabler. I will also move on if I know that the time I’ve had with any particular person has expired. We’re not all meant to be together forever because in the end, we all end up back to the same source anyway so it’s a moot point. However, while still being in this plane or how we perceive it, we come and go depending on what needs to be learned or done.
12. I don’t like funerals or wakes. The person isn’t actually there anymore and to mourn their physical form in this plane seems useless. I understand it can help some with their grief process but for me, the ones I’ve experienced, it felt very odd to me and unnatural. I knew where they were so to stand there looking at their former shell was unnerving. I don’t talk about this much because most people don’t understand where I’m coming from but again, I know where they are and so I’d rather see them how they are now and where they are now than look at their shell.
13. Soulmates are not always romantic and we have many throughout each lifetime we have. We also run into ones from other lifetimes in the one we’re currently in. There isn’t any one set person written in stone somewhere. There are billions of people to choose from, really if you were to include those on the different planes as well. Why limit yourself to only being with one throughout your whole existence in this life? Not to say you should jump around but, the fairytale that there is only “one” for you to choose from is very limiting. I have a handful of soulmates in my life right now. It’s amazing! We’re never fully alone despite how it may seem at times. Sometimes they are friends, family, or romantic. You never know!
I think this is probably a lot of examples to absorb but, it gives you some good insight into who I am so that next time I ask what reminds you of me, you’ll put up things that make total sense 🙂 My love and blessings to you all wonderful beings!
My Ultimate #1 Soulmate
(it’s OK if you think I’m nuts, I know what I know as do many of my other spiritual friends in this life)

The World is Waking Up, Are you Sensitive?

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Hello everyone! Jen here. I’ve seen and had many conversations with many other “Empathic” or “Sensitive” people here lately. It seems what we all suddenly have in common is the fact that we’re all getting stronger with our abilities. Some of us are even learning new abilities we never had before. There is an energy that is opening things and that is showing us a new direction. I do have a theory on this so follow me if you can.

For those of you who are not sensitive, you are noticing an uprise not only in worldly atrocities but also more paranormal activity. I am getting skeptics who have never had a paranormal experience in their life reach out to me because they’ve suddenly started to have activity in their homes. My own boyfriend is experiencing things as of late that he has no explanation for. People like me, are seeing more of what we already have experienced most of our lives. It’s almost as though the Veil between the living and the dead is nearly non existent. There IS a reason for it.

There is also a reason why things are becoming more chaotic. As some of you would like to believe that the world is coming to an end. That is not exactly what this is. It IS however, an “Awakening” if you will. In order to get those who are still “asleep” to wake up to who we are meant to be and why we are here, drastic things have to happen. Think about it like this as an example:

Joe Bob gets up every morning at 7am to be to work by 8:45. He gets in the shower, gets dress, and goes to eat himself some breakfast. He mumbles and groans that he has to go to work. He goes to work, does this job. He gets off work, he drives home in horrible traffic. He gets home, has dinner, takes off his shoes and watches television or plays a video game. Before long, it’s time to go to bed and set the alarm to get up and do the same thing the next day. This is the average person folks. On the weekend there may be some variance to go to a movie or do something out of the routine but otherwise, there IS a routine in tact. Suddenly all these things around the world happen and Joe starts to wonder what is going on. One day he wakes up and realizes that his routine is a bunch of hooey. Life means more than that. He starts to really feel concerned or even saddened at all the people getting injured or killed in masses. NOW he starts to slowly awaken. Once this happens, he starts noticing other things around him in his daily life, he never took time to notice before because it was out of his routine. He starts to see the birds in his yard looking for food. He sees his dog trying so hard to get his attention. He feels like he needs to reach out to the people he cares for because tomorrow is not promised. In some cases, he may feel the need to seek out a spiritual answer for what is happening.

Now in steps spiritually equipped folks like myself and Tori, who see through the “routine” of life already because we were born with gifts. My friends… if you are sensitive, you are getting stronger. If you haven’t been sensitive previously, you are becoming sensitive now. This is all a part of the awakening process. There will still be those that choose to stay stuck in their routine and not pay any attention. That is their choice to make as we DO have free will. However, things are about to really change and for the betterment of man kind. I know it doesn’t seem like it with all the horrors going on but it’s leading people to wake the hell up and take notice. The more people that wake up, the more things WILL change.

For those that are “Sensitive”, it is our job to help those that are beginning to awaken. We are becoming stronger so that we can usher them from the fear they may fear to a better understanding and better control over their new found abilities. Every single human being is equipped with the ability to open these gifts. It’s a matter of awakening them and finding the way. This is our job, this is our responsibility as sensitives and as human beings. As separate as you may feel sometimes, we are ALL connected as humans. It’s still your choice to figure out what you want to do with it but I hope that this will at least help you understand better that we must change. Its inevitable. If we do not, we will not exist anymore. We were born to be humanitarians as humans. We’re here to help one another, serve one another, and love one another. That is the ultimate goal.

There are supporting transits in the stars for sure. Pluto and Neptune both in retrograde right now… yeah…. BIG MAJOR CHANGE! If you feel you are awakening and you need guidance to help you understand and figure out where to go from here… Tori and I are happy to help you. Please visit our shop and if you don’t see what you want to ask, you can email us and ask us directly.

Sending you all blessings of compassion and enlightenment!




Card of the Day: 3 of Cups

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When you see this card, there are typically three people that are appearing to have a good time with each other. That is essentially what this card means. It may be a confirmation that good things are well on the way or that you are getting ready to celebrate. This could include family gatherings, outings with good friends, or the intimacy of spending time with those you love and are very close to. This card can also herald a time of new birth or the taking off successfully with a new project. The tone of the card is very positive and makes for feeling comfortable as well as celebratory. If you don’t feel happy today upon reading this, know that some deep happiness IS on the way.

The energy is building and things are about to take flight for you. You are about to take on a new path in your life that leads you to greater success in all areas. You may also find that during this time, you are reaching out and helping more people that need it. This also provides you with a sense of great joy and honor. Since this card is one that is very positive, it also speaks of love, joy, and good tidings in abundance. Again, you’re going to be feeling as though you are on a high and rather than spend it alone, you will feel like kicking your heels up and having a good time with those you care for. In terms of considering a situation you may have, this card is a “YES!!!” So if you’ve been putting something off, this card is saying… go for it and enjoy it while you do it!

Astrologically, this card is tied to Cancer. So the time frame could be around early July. It’s also the number 3 so that means 3 days, 3 weeks, or even 3 months. So sometime between now and July, there will definitely be some call for celebration if not immediately. You’ll know when it hits because you’ll feel as though you are on cloud 9. Enjoy!

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Card of the Day: 3 of Swords

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Three of Swords is one that is not typically a good feeling card. It always represents an ending in some way. In almost every deck it shows three swords going through the heart. In some situations it means an ending to a relationship. There are also occasions depending on the circumstances can mean that there is a third party causing the ending. If it’s not a person then it’s a situation that is drawing two people apart which can either be lovers or even friendships and family. So it really depends on the individual what it may be.  This ending is painful and sorrow filled.  This is typically the harsh reality that this card provides.

On the lighter end of the card, though still painful, this card can also mean a situation comes to an end that perhaps was very good in the past. Whatever you have been living with that you thought was going right, this card indicates an ending. Even more, perhaps there is a situation in which you already knew was causing you pain or issues and now it’s come to a header. Either way this card is telling you it’s done. It’s time to lick your wounds and work on healing. This ending will lead you to a fresh beginning but first you have to accept the fact that it’s done so you can figure out how you can overcome it.

When you ask a “Yes” or “No” type of question, the 3 of Swords is definitely a “No!” The Astrological sign associated with this card is Libra. As such, you may see the timing being the first couple of weeks in October. However, the 3 can also mean the month of March, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, or perhaps even 3 years. The timing relies on all the other factors in the situation and also whatever is going on in your life. Remember, the ending is painful but once you get through it, you have a new beginning waiting on the other side so do whatever you can to work on healing and easing your pain. It won’t last forever.

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Card of the Day: 5 of Swords

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The Five of Swords will typically show a few people and some are holding swords and some on a card behind. It’s displayed differently in each deck however; the meaning is mainly the same. This card typically represents the conflict that you may be dealing with whether it’s internal or literal. It could be that not everyone agrees or it could be you tossing around different ideas that are at conflict with each other causing you to have a hard time knowing what to do about it. This card can also indicate a sense of defeat after having already gone through some sort of battle or conflict. Your pride or ego may be wounded by whatever it is that happened.

This card can also mean you have the upper hand but aren’t at all certain you got it by noble means. In that way you are defeated either way. Karma is never a nice thing to experience if you’ve won via manipulative ways. If you are mentally at conflict, you really need to dig deep and listen to what your inner voice tells you so that you don’t end up in defeat. This card also warns you that if you are involved in conflict, now may be the time to take a step back and not get caught up in a battle that is unnecessary for you. If you are in fact defeated, do what you have to do with dignity and grace. Accept that you have lost and be ready to move forward. Success will come your way if you handle things well.

Astrologically speaking this card is associated with Aquarius. This being the case a time frame of what this card could bring to the table if it’s ahead of time would be anytime in January. Since this card is the number 5, it could be the month of May, the 5th of any month, 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months, or even 5 years depending on what is going on in your situation.  Just keep in mind, this card says defeat but you should carry your head held high and knowing next time you may just succeed!

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