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Jen Devillier is a Psychic Medium/Spiritual Teacher/Author/Lecturer and very well versed at doing a variety of readings including Tarot, Numerology, Egyptian Scarabs, Angel readings, Fairy Reading, and even Astrology.

Jen has been guiding people since 1993 and helps them find out who they are, what they should be doing with their lives, how to go about accomplishing their goals, how to find love, and to be on track so they can bring more prosperity and abundance into their lives. She also helps them to work on healing themselves so that they can be open and receptive to what life has to offer.  If you are struggling and not knowing what to do with your life, want to find love, or just want guidance to help you start really moving forward, Jen is your gal.

Just keep in mind that Jen will give you guidance; not fortune teller style readings. She would tell you that life is subjective and we all have free will. She just wants to show you what could be coming up and what you can do to either change it or make it more amazing. If you’re lost; she’ll help you find yourself and move forward.

As far as the paranormal goes:  Jen is often asked to be a “guest psychic” at events in various locations.

Jen not only wrote her own book “Dark Night Haunting“; but she also contributed content for a book about animal spirits called “Tails from the other side: Pets in the Paranormal”  that was put together by Christopher Mancuso and has other contributors such as renown Rosemary Guiley, John Zaffis, and Brian J. Cano. Christopher works closely with an animal shelter in Staten Island and so all proceeds from the purchase of the books go to that shelter to help enrich and save lives.

Jen also had the honor or writing the foreword for Ronald Murphy’s new book “On Vampires“. Ron is a well known author who has written several books on various topics.

She also contributed to content to another couple of books that have not yet been released but stay tuned as she’ll update us all when she gets the green light.

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Just so you know; Jen also contributes a portion of her money from client readings to a local animal shelter where she lives in Texas called the “Animal Defense League of Texas” to help save lives and care for all the animals they have at their location. You can also donate to them directly via the link shared or by clicking the photo below.