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We offer a variety of report options to choose from, some in combination with others. If you would like to purchase any of these reports as a standalone, please email us for ala carte pricing. Click on the links below to view our sample reports in PDF format:

Robert Downey Jr Natal Report

This report is typically $10.00 but is currently on sale via Facebook.

Throughout the month of April, this option is only $5.00 via Victoria’s Facebook Store, with 100% of the proceeds from each Natal Report puchase going to SAIL Rescue. Please see THIS POST for details. You may also donate directly to the rescue itself by sending $5.00 to via paypal and emailing Victoria confirmation of your donation, your day, month, year, time and place of birth- her email is 

Personality Scores

Sabian Symbols

Please note: Sabian Symbols are typically interpreted by the person for whom they are drawn. That is, what you perceive is what your message is. Interpretations for them do exist, however, it’s a big long story as to why and how they became this way. Quite interesting- you should look it up, sometime. 

Major Life Themes

Harmonic Highlights

Fixed Stars

Compatibility Report

Compatibility Scores For Friends

Cosmo Compatibility Lovers

Don’t you judge me! He’s hot! And I hear, into astrology. 


Please note, we will need your current location for these options:

Your privacy IS important to us and we will never share any information about your data, charts or sessions without your express written consent. RDJ’s current location here is just a guess and we do not need your full address, just city, state, and country.

Valsecia Solar Return

Planets In Solar Return

If there is something you’re interested in but do not see here, feel free to email us to ask. Odds are pretty good we either do it or we have it.