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(feels a bit like this right? I know it does for me)


Recently while going through my own personal hell, I’ve had others reach out to me that are having the very same emotions I’ve been experiencing. There are some quite painful shifts going on for everyone at current. The first thing to remember is that Uranus that has been in Aries is still in place and will be until next year. This is the portion that always brings about random stuff, situations, and people into or out of your life.

Now lets bring Venus in Aries in retrograde into the mix. Venus deals with finances and love typically. Well while she’s in retrograde, she’s trying to force you to be grateful for what you already have while trying to purge you of any toxins you still have in your life. If you won’t do it yourself, she will push the issue and make sure it happens. Venus is typically loving and gentle but when she is heading backwards (retrograde), she’s trying to make sure you’re doing what is right for your heart.

Whether it’s your finances, career, or relationships; are you doing right by yourself? If not, it’s time to figure out what you can do to do what you needs to happen. So she’s like a gentle mother nudging you to learn to take care of yourself. Venus will go direct on April 15th and start to move forward again. Just keep in mind the shadow period that is a bit like a ripple in the water that can last up to 2 weeks after.

Finally, we bring in the mix of Mercury retrograde also. Are we in it? Not technically until April 9th. Rest assured though, we ARE in the shadow period which means we’re already feeling the retrograde effect. April 9th is around the corner so you may as well accept it. In any event, I’ve explained before that Mercury is the one that forces you to do some heavy thinking.

This is where you start worrying about things, wondering if you’re doing the right thing, perhaps over analyzing things and making you feel quite emotional. With Mercury in Aries, you feel like you need to do something but at the same time feel helpless as though you just cannot move. It’s all normal. While Mercury will help you figure things out; you’ll need to tolerate the temporary discomforts that this transit can bring with it. Mercury goes direct May 3rd.

So we’ve got that pile going but we’ve also got the mighty Saturn in Sagittarius that will also be going retrograde on April 5th. Again, we’re in the shadow period so you may as well accept that it’s more or less in action as is. Saturn in Sagittarius makes you do major soul searching. Sagittarius wants freedom to do as it pleases yet Saturn is basically saying “you cannot do that right now, you must plan and wait a bit longer”. ¬†Saturn will remain there until August 24th when she finally goes direct.

Anything you plan for your future will have to happen after August. The funny part though… (ok not really that funny but..) ¬†Uranus, the master of randomness and surprises goes retrograde on August 2nd until January 3rd. The best thing I can recommend to you here is to accept that anything can happen at any time and it’s always best to be prepared.

If you worry about money, make sure you’re paying your debts and putting some extra into savings. If you need to, take up a second job and put that money away. If you’re concerned about love, try to do some meditation and figure out if you need to change situations or focus on yourself for awhile until things change again.

These are all some rough transitions. It’s a bit like putting your life in a blender and waiting to see how it will all turn out when it’s finished it’s churning cycle. The best you can do for yourself is exercise, eat healthy, meditate then meditate some more. By doing this, you keep yourself healthy and you are able to center yourself. Centering yourself leads you to finding solutions to any problems that may exist in your life.

Of course as always, if you’d like to find out where all of these transits more specifically, please feel free to email me for my rates. I’m more than happy to help you as I too am on the same journey and bumpy road you are. Sending you all my love. Feel free to share my article with anyone you think may need it. Thank you!


~Jen Devillier~