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(This super cool card comes from my Victorian Steampunk Deck by Liz Dean. If you like it as much as I do and would like more information, please see the link at the bottom on today’s post.)

This card often depicts someone standing in front of a globe and surrounded by power animals. This represents someone who is gaining a deep understanding about who they are and what life is about. Growing spiritually is another way to look at this card. You may be reaching the next step in your spiritual path and are finally moving up. Finally delving inside of yourself you’re getting a real grip on who you really are at the core. If you weren’t quite sure about who you are and what you’re here for then this card signifies that you are doing this now or will be in the very near future. You may find that things that once held you back or still are now dissipating and you are able to move forward successfully. This can either mean in a very literal sense or a metaphorical sense. So truly this is a good card of clarification that you are on the right track where you yourself are concerned in your life. If you’ve been working hard to achieve balance and inner growth, this says you’re doing it or you are well on your way.

This card at times can also represent a journey or travel. Again, this can be either a metaphorical journey that you are on or will be on shortly or it can actually literally mean you are about to embark on a literal journey. One sure thing this card represents is success on the path you are either getting on or have already been on and are about to take perhaps, a new direction. Either way, there is nothing negative to be said about this card. I future terms, if you have not yet found your path, then this card is symbolizing that you are about to do it or that you need to work on it. The success only comes from you working hard and lining up with your life path. If you are unsure what that may be, I do Life Path Readings.

Astrologically speaking, this card is tied to Saturn and looking at the definition seems very appropriate. It’s important to know where Saturn is in your chart as it can help you get more control over what needs to be done. My colleagues and I are here to help you on your journey. Email us if you’d like a reading.

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