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(Like this card? This comes from the Tarot Illuminati deck by Kim Huggens and artwork done by my friend Erik C. Dunne. I will post a link for more information at the bottom of today’s post if you’d like to know more.)

This card is a bit complicated at times because it has different meanings depending on where it is in a spread. At a basic level it is a system of beliefs or your belief system coming to light to help you with whatever you are going through. This also at times can represent someone that will give you some really sage advice. If not; it may mean that whatever you’re wanting to get information on can be found with someone who is well versed in the topic and can properly advise you.  When you are able to dig deep into who you are at the core and what you believe, you will be more enlightened and can finally starting heading into the path of fulfillment.

The Hierophant can also be symbolic of perhaps you getting an offer to be an apprentice or understudy in some position or learning opportunity in a field that you’ve been interested in getting involved in.  There is a reminder here as well that you are not any more infallible than anyone else. If others can make mistakes, you can as well. Stay humble in your approach so that you don’t seem too cocky or arrogant. You’ll need to be balanced in order to fully accept what is ahead. Remember to act or proceed with integrity. Being selfish will not gain you what you are after. If you need to find support, it is there as per the sign of this card.

Astrologically, this card is associated with Taurus who is very laborious and hard working. The timing on this is early April. It’s also a number 5 which can mean 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months or even the month of May as per the number.  If you’ve been contemplating something and are looking for a yes or no type of answer, this card is more of a “Maybe” so it’s going to depend on you and your decision making. Trust your intuition and again, if you need to seek guidance then by all means; go get the guidance you need so that you can find your way.

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