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The Five of Swords will typically show a few people and some are holding swords and some on a card behind. It’s displayed differently in each deck however; the meaning is mainly the same. This card typically represents the conflict that you may be dealing with whether it’s internal or literal. It could be that not everyone agrees or it could be you tossing around different ideas that are at conflict with each other causing you to have a hard time knowing what to do about it. This card can also indicate a sense of defeat after having already gone through some sort of battle or conflict. Your pride or ego may be wounded by whatever it is that happened.

This card can also mean you have the upper hand but aren’t at all certain you got it by noble means. In that way you are defeated either way. Karma is never a nice thing to experience if you’ve won via manipulative ways. If you are mentally at conflict, you really need to dig deep and listen to what your inner voice tells you so that you don’t end up in defeat. This card also warns you that if you are involved in conflict, now may be the time to take a step back and not get caught up in a battle that is unnecessary for you. If you are in fact defeated, do what you have to do with dignity and grace. Accept that you have lost and be ready to move forward. Success will come your way if you handle things well.

Astrologically speaking this card is associated with Aquarius. This being the case a time frame of what this card could bring to the table if it’s ahead of time would be anytime in January. Since this card is the number 5, it could be the month of May, the 5th of any month, 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months, or even 5 years depending on what is going on in your situation.  Just keep in mind, this card says defeat but you should carry your head held high and knowing next time you may just succeed!

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